Stabilizing Xenon Lamp Type Searchlight

SANSHIN – Stabilizing Xeno n Lamp Type Searchlight

What is stabilizing search light?

As shown in Figure 1, when a ship’s hull is shaken by waves, standard searchlights are also shaken. Since the irradiation position shifts, considerable effort is required to maintain lighting a set object.
You can reduce the labor of persons operating a searchlight equipped with a stabilizer through the following, because you can maintain lighting in a set direction even when the ship’s hull is shaken.

1 Store the angle of lifting motion with the control panel.
2 Detect the angle of the searchlight’s inclination and calculate the difference with the stored angle.
3 Convert the calculated difference in angle to an electronic signal and operate the lifting motor.
(If you have a biaxial stabilizer, you can maintain a constant angle for the rotational angle as well, by using a gyro signal.)